The Advantages Of WordPress for Real Estate Agency Website

Custom listings are one of the most essential features that are required on a real estate agency website. There was a time when real estate agencies had to pay through the nose to get certain useful features added to their website. Features such as custom listings to show all the houses were not affordable to add and required huge development costs. However, some real estate agencies added such features at huge cost and reaped huge benefits as customers were able to see all the listings in detail.

The rise of open source software, over the past few years, has made it affordable for real estate agencies to add this feature to their website at a low cost, today.

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world and experienced developers can use this CMS is to create a unique looking website with custom listings. A customized WP theme allows the agency to showcase all of the houses available with them for sale.

Benefits of Using Customized Real Estate WordPress Theme Customization

As mentioned above, WordPress is a very popular content management system. One of the advantages offered by this software is that it is very customizable. It is also completely free and open source. Over the years, developers all around the world have released various types of plug-ins and themes to create any type of site using WordPress.

Experienced developers can help real estate agencies in creating a unique looking website with customized listing as well as various other features that help them show all the details of the properties available with them for sale. Real estate agents can easily update the site and add new listings.


Another advantage of the WordPress site for real estate agents is that it is very flexible. In simple terms it means that professional WP developers can add any kind of feature that is desired by a real estate agency.

Search Engine Friendly

WP is search engine friendly and allows the search engine crawlers to crawl all of the content present on the website.

Inbuilt Blogging Platform

It comes with inbuilt blogging platform. Blogging is essential to grow your business today. Search engines like fresh content and regular blogging is one of the best ways to get free search engine traffic. WordPress makes it very easy to blog on a regular basis as it offers all of the tools required for blogging, inside the dashboard.

Real Estate Agency Website Australia

There are a lot of WordPress website developers that advertise their services on search engines as well as social media. However, the truth is that all the developers are not made the same. Businesses should choose a Web development team that has experience in developing websites in their own field.

The team of WordPress website developers at Platinum Web Media has a lot of experience in building unique and customized themes for businesses in different business verticals.

Our WordPress experts have also built a WordPress theme for real estate agencies that allows them to add custom listings for all the properties.

Give us a call today and our developers will be happy to create a unique looking website for your real estate agency with custom listings.

Dallas TX Bathtub Refinishing – How it is done?

Bathtub refinishing in Dallas TX can easily make your bathtub acquire a brand new look. By hiring the services of bathtub refinishing experts, you can have your old, worn-out bathtub look like new within few hours. This is also a very good method that you can use if you want to save a significant amount of your money that you would have spent on replacement. There are various factors that can damage your bathtub and make you want to replace it, they include: dripping faucet, the harsh cleaner, hard water, accidents and misuse and water erosion. Therefore to avoid much spending on replacement, it is very important to schedule bathtub refining once you notice wear-out signs on your bathtub.

To know that your bathtub requires refinishing, there certain changes that you can notice on it. Bathtubs are always made shinny coat to give them an elegant and an attractive look. Therefore when you notice that it has lost its luster, appearing dull, then you need to start preparing for refinishing. Other signs are when: it starts to rust, gets difficult to clean, has a hole in it, has chips and scrapes and when there are visible stains after use.

When refinishing, the bathtub is first scraped, washed and applied with special solvents to the surface. Neutralizing and sanding is then done and solvents are then applied for the second time. Then it is followed by two to three coats on the surface. The coating is equally durable is it is cleansed using the recommended methods.

Bathtub Coating:

Bathtub refinishing involves putting a new coat using a HVLP spray gun. Although this is not equally strong as the original porcelain enamel that is applied in the factory, it also helps seal various damages on your bathtub. With the advancement in the coating technology, you can now have your bathtub coated to prevent moisture penetration, improve chemical resistance, make gloss retention more superiors and in addition the coating has now become also scratch resistant.

Let professional tub refinishers in Dallas Texas do the job:

While some people see bathtub refinishing to be a very easy job, it actually involves a lot than what we just see. This is not a DIY project! The chemicals used can be dangerous if used incorrectly, the indoor humidity needs to be at certain level for coating adherence and the application too requires skills. Therefore to avoid frustrations, look for a well established company such as, one that has successfully handled the same tasks before, to do the job for you.







Commercial Carpet Cleaning : Trusted Commercial Carpet Cleaners

One thing that can attract visitors in your premises is the level of cleanliness. When you think about customers at your business or visitors in your residential home, they are all attracted by cleanliness. The commercial cleaning industry has garnered reputation in the recent past for the kind of work they are doing for businesses and households. Cleaning of components like carpets which was initially considered to be hectic has now been simplified. Commercial carpet cleaning Perth offers professional commercial carpet cleaning services for your business and household set up. To be sure that you get the best carpet cleaning services, it is important to seek them from reputable providers. Due to the increased competition in this industry, various service providers use various techniques’ to achieve their objectives for efficient customer service.

commercial carpet cleaning perth

Techniques employed in carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction is one effective technique of carpet cleaning. Hot water containing cleaning solutions is injected into the carpet followed by vacuum that extracts spent solution together with the soil. This method is effective since it dissolves all the stains that may be present on the carpet and they are sucked out by the vacuum sucker together with the spent solution.

Rotary Shampoo cleaning technique is another more effective method for carpet cleaning. In this technique, the carpet is first freed of all the dust and debris by means of vacuum suction. As you already know, shampoo is an effective detergent in hair cleaning. Most commercial carpet cleaners use it and it has been found to be very effective. The cleaning machines that use this technique work best when the carpet is first freed from all the dust. The machine first moves over the carpet in a rotational motion and to the next area by horizontal motion. The results are usually visible as the quality of the work is always high end. This is more applicable to mats which are situated in areas where they are likely to pick up dust such as near entrances of buildings.

Another common technique employed is spot cleaning. Some carpets may get stains which make them look ugly. These spots need to be cleared and the most effective technique for this is the spot tidying. This technique is effective especially for removing spills which may occur and do not warrant the cleaning of the whole carpet. It is good for these stains to be addressed as soon as they are seen.

Tips for choosing the right cleaning contractor

There are some basic things that your contractor of choice should fulfill. The most basic one is licensing. Always look for an agency with genuine licenses and have positive customer reviews. By doing this, you will be sure that professional services are guaranteed. Another thing is that the company of choice should have the most recent equipments for use in the job so as to ensure effective cleaning in all areas. Also look for agencies that offer a variety of services apart from carpet cleaning as this would offer value for your money.

Why opt for commercial carpet cleaning Perth

· They use proper and effective cleaning methods.

· They effectively remove spots and stains from your carpet

· They provide carpet protectors which are dirt resistant.

· They utilize effective measures that protect your carpet from wear and tear.

Texas Oil

Since over a hundred years, fortunes were made ​​and lost on the oil fields of Texas. But operators surfing today on the boom in oil prices are determined not to let the money go to their heads.

“When you look at this community, most of us have gray hair and are in this business for a long time,” said Paul Morris, Wagner and Brown, an independent exploration company  in Oil and gas based in Midland, west Texas. “We had the last boom and bust,” he said. “We know there will be a turnaround, how large will depend on some conditions. We’ll see. ”

Wagner and Brown is one of the few companies who have made their riches on the Permian Basin Texas oil wells.

But with oil prices flirting with $ 140 a barrel, they are no longer all alone in seeking new deposits of crude or expand their exploration sites. The state of Texas has established nearly 20,000 exploration licenses last year, doubling the number of permits established five years ago when the price of oil was below $ 20 a barrel. This is about the same number of permits in 1975 when the OPEC crisis had led to escalating oil prices $ 5 to $ 40 a barrel.

The collapse that followed has hit the city of Midland. The wells were then blocked more than widened, while the oil companies shut their wells that produce no more than the price of the electricity needed to run it.

In recent years, prices have started to rise until it reaches $ 140 Thursday. And small wells producing less than ten barrels per day have again become profitable, while new technologies to extract crude small patches are previously unusable.